Alycia Wicker

Hola! I’m Alycia and I’ve got an obsession with crystals. All of my life I've been picking up and keeping rocks, minerals and crystals.

I've never knew why I was attracted to certain crystals but that curiosity led me to finding out more information about them. And down the rabbit hole I went.

While you can't instantly pick up a crystal and have it grant you a wish, you can learn more about how they can help you in all areas of your life. 

My hope for you is that you come here with an open mind and an open heart ready to see what is truly possible. 

Iron & Magnolia is focused on giving another perspective on working with crystals… in your life and business.



Disclaimer: For everything on my website... The information on my website is derived from research, intuition and tradition which may not be verified by scientific methods, nor advocated by government agencies such as the FDA. Working with crystals is a part of a holistic treatment plan. Crystals, rocks and minerals aren't meant to replace standard medical or psychological treatment. Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist for your personal health issues.