Boost Your Productivity With Crystals


We all have those days where we just can't. There's no amount of coffee or even Meth that could help us boost our productivity on certain days. Maybe it's the moon, maybe Mercury is in retrograde or you can't get your mind off of that pair of boots you were checking out last night.

When those meh days come lucky for you there is something you can do about it and boost your productivity through the roof without developing a meth addiction. 

Boost Your Productivity With Crystals

Crystals are so easy to use that you won't even need to call up Tori Spelling's psychic friends to use them. You can place them on your desk, put them in your pocket or even wear them as jewelry.

Here are the stones I think you should try to boost your productivity:

  1. Red Jasper will help you improve your stamina and your chi. You know, your life force! It'll help you face those tasks that you're really not in the mood for and won't give ya the jitters afterward.
  2. Black Tourmaline is perfect for you shield you from all that smog that comes off of your computer, cell phone and other equipment as well as helping you to wake up your mind.
  3. Tiger Eye will help you in taking effective action towards your goals and even your daily tasks. It also will help you to awaken your creativity. 
  4. Citrine besides being an awesome help when it comes to raising your abundance factor, it's your new little best friend when it comes to the commercial success of your business.
  5. Amazonite provides that creative inspiration that seems to kill most creatives work. It's gonna uplift your overall mood and get you back on track in no time.

Crystals have so many amazing uses and the best part is that it doesn't have to be a one size fits all solution to raising your vibe and productivity. I would love for you to explore the different types of crystals you're drawn to and try placing some on your desk or even in your pocket. See how your energy and productivity levels rise and let me know how it goes!