Crystals For Business Prosperity


Crystals for business prosperity? Really? Like yeah, dude. Check this.

Almost every day I have some rocks in my pockets. Unless I'm wearing that one pair of jeans that either a) has no pockets or b) has those half-sized dumb pockets that are worthless. Ignoring those jeans, Every day I've got rocks in my pockets.

Some people like to stick them in their bra, but not me. I try to live my life inside my mausoleum which is a bra-free zone as much as possible. 

If you didn't check out my other post on why I dig my crystals, you can read it here.

My favorite crystals to keep in my pocket or even in my necklace are Citrine, Tiger Eye and Moldavite. That's not the typical combo you'll hear about, but it's my favorite one.

Crystals For Business Prosperity: Citrine 

This one is usually yellow with some white. But sometimes the heat treated version of Amethyst (a purple crystal) is sold as Citrine as the heat turns the crystal yellowish, #sidenote. It is another stone of abundance attracting wealth. If you're also into Feng Shui, you can place Citrine in the Wealth corner of your home. That's the farthest back left corner from your door.

Crystals For Business Prosperity: Tiger Eye

It is easy to find and does come in many colors. My favorite version is the banded brown-yellow version. It attracts prosperity. Beyond that it helps with your self-worth.

Crystals For Business Prosperity: Moldavite 

This olive green stone only comes from Czechoslovakia and was the result of a meteorite crashing. Cool huh? It's not that easy to come by and can be expensive. 

Moldavite is good to shut down the negative nelly voice in your head. You know the one. "You can't do it. You're gonna suck balls at it." That wench.

So if you're worrying about your business earning money, this is a good stone to counteract those feelings of worry. 

Those are the crystals for business prosperity I usually have in my pocket. Do you carry any crystal in your pocket? I'd love to hear which ones you use for prosperity in the comments below.

Boring Ass Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or anyone who is actually here to tell you that these crystals are going to make you a rich-ass mofo. I'm here sharing my opinions on how I like to use crystals personally. It goes without saying, but since it's a disclaimer, I have to say that nothing replaces hard work.