Blissful Business With Crystals


My love affair with rocks and crystals started when I was a kid. I still have my baby geode from a family vacation. And a couple of other rocks that I just loved. No rhyme nor reason.

It was until last year that I really got interested in them more after a trip to Sedona, Arizona.

I got pulled into a touristy crystal store and was hooked.

I picked up stones that I just loved the way they looked. At the check out the dude asked if I wanted him to cleanse them before I left. 

"Como what?"

He explained that it was a good idea to cleanse them because who knows how many people had picked them up leaving their energy with the stone. 

"Uh, sure? Sounds good."

He whips out this singing bowl and can I tell you? The sound that came from it was amazeballs!

I didn't know if my crystals were cleansed or not, but I felt great!

He also inserted some little pieces of paper that went along with each stone I bought that told about the properties of the stone.

Reminded me a bit of a those old mood rings we would wear. The paper would read, "If it turns blue, you're in love".

Okay dokay. Whatevs.

Then I did some research. 

Beyond The Woo Woo

Ignoring the woo-woo of it all, there is scientific evidence behind using crystals. But, we also know that I'm not a scientist, so I will explain as best I can.

If you didn't know, each one of them has this perfect little internal molecular structure where they have a steady vibration. So their little molecules vibrate the same, over and over again. Meaning their energy is a constant. 

You are already using crystals. They are in calculators, clocks, even in your smart phone. They are used in technology because they emit consistent frequencies.

Where as with our energy? Well, our energy can be thrown for a loop in an instant. One second we feel peaceful and the next we're Pissed Pissedofferson when a client calls to tell you to cancel that custom sofa order. 

So with the crystal, their energy is a constant and we can use them to connect with our energy to help us.

Basically, you are energy, I'm energy, crystals are energy. They are nature's tools to help us with our lives. And you can absolutely use crystals for business success.

So as I am on my path of growing spiritually, I love incorporating crystals, too. 

So, how do you work with crystals?

Easy, kid. You can just set it on your desk. You can get a tumbled one and carry it in your pocket (or even your bra!). You can wear it as a piece of jewelry. You could hold it in your hand. You could put it under your pillow. 

That's the cool thing about crystals. They are easy to incorporate into your life. And that's why I love them. So stay tuned, as I share more about my crystals and how I use them in my life and business.