Top 10 Ways A Newbie Can Use Crystals Everyday


There you are at a shop and this stunning crystal catches your eye. It's so weird, but you feel like you're having a moment right now with this crystal. You must have it. 

You buy it, take it home and then what? How do you use a crystal?

I've been there. When I was a kid, I collected pretty rocks. Just a few years ago I began what I'll call my crystal addiction. I was a buying fiend and had no clue what I was supposed to do with them besides stare at their beauty. 

Sure, I'd get the little card that'd tell you what the properties and use of the crystal were, but I assumed that it was some made up bullshit much like the fortune you get from a Zorro machine at an amusement park.

Then I noticed that I started to buy the same types of stones over and over. How weird is that? I thought to myself that maybe there is something to this just like when we crave chocolate it means were deficient in magnesium. 

So I went online to research more about this one stone I was completely drawn to - Tiger's Eye.

One of the things that Tiger's Eye helps you to do is to shake out the cobwebs in your mind. That was me. I had so many ideas rushing through my mind, I could focus on any of them. I couldn't figure out what to work on next. Sound familiar?

My next question was, how do I use crystals to help me with that issue?

Work With, Not Use Crystals

Before we go any further, let reframe what we are doing with crystals. Crystals are a tool to help you with your life. You will be working with the crystal, not just using it. When you think of the word use it implies that you're employing it.

The crystal should be seen as your partner in that this tool will work side by side with your energy and must be respected as a tool to help you do your own healing work. Let's face it. Crystals are cool, but they in of themselves will not be a magical pill that will help you achieve any result without you putting in some energy, too. 

Cleanse your crystals

This was one of the most confusing things to me. Cleansing doesn't necessarily mean that the crystals need to be washed (some crystals will disintegrate if they get water on them) but they do need to be tuned up. 

Cleansing, in many crystal circles, assumes that the crystals are like sponges and absorb negative vibes. That's not how crystals work, but this notion is still something you will find everywhere. 

Before I had even heard of this notion of cleansing a crystal I just started using them. Did anything bad happen to me? Not that I noticed. However, I think it's better to be safe than sorry. 

I won't bother telling you the all the ways you can cleanse your crystals, but know that some people get pretty intense with this practice. They will leave their crystals out in a 7-Day sun or salt bath, wait for a certain moon phase, or burn some sage and smudge them. I don't have time for that at all. And living with people who totally hate the smoke from sage, I'm kinda out of options... until I heard about this one I'm about to share with you.

The completely fool-proof way to re-tune your crystal to its original vibration is to play a sound or a song. Whether you use a tuning fork, a singing bowl or play some super loud music. The sound kinda shocks the crystal out of it's off vibration and back into perfect harmony.  

10 Easy Ways To Use Crystals

Once you've re-tuned your crystals it's time for you to find new and fun ways to work with them.

1. Create An Altar

 I have an altar in my office which I consider my sacred space. It's a place just for me to pray, set intentions and meditate. You don't need an entire room for this. You can set aside a little spot in any room that you will be able to be still and quiet.

2. Keep them in your pocket

Every day I have a crystal or 4 in my pockets. It couldn't get any simpler than that.

3. Drink Crystal Infused Water

A crystal elixir, gem elixir, or gem water is simply water with a gem inside of it. You can also place the gem in a separate glass container if the crystal isn't safe or water soluble. 

Warning: Only non-water soluble, non-toxic stones are to be used in water. Please research to make sure that your stone can be immersed in water. Or you can get a glass bottle where the crystals are contained in a separate glass vial inside it like this one.

Simply put, the particular vibration of the crystal makes the water get in tune with the crystal's vibration. 

When you decide on which crystal you are going to use (a safe one, so do your research), clean it and then you place it in filtered or spring water. Wait four hours or overnight. Drink it up in the morning. But if you wanna be super safe, get that bottle that I mentioned before.

4. Have Crystals Near You

You can experience the power of the crystal by placing them next to you. Whether that is on your desk or on your nightstand. How easy is that? 

5. Wear Crystals

You can wear your crystal jewelry and still receive the benefits! Just be sure that if you buy a necklace with a crystal (because that's the cool thing to sell everywhere) that it is a genuine crystal and not just a plastic piece of crap.

6. Meditate With Crystals

Really.... meditate?! I know, if you're a busy person like me meditation sounds like the absolute last thing you want to do. You may even not know how to do it. 

Because you can spend 900 hours watching videos and reading tutorials on it you may choose to never use this method, I want you to know you can do this without making it a thing.

Sit with your crystal for a few minutes and focus on your crystal. Because your crystal has certain properties to help you, you may want to focus on that particular healing property. 

Just relax, sit down, close your eyes and chillax a minute setting your intention with the crystal as you hold it in your hand. Done, done and done.

It's easy to work with crystals. You can get into more complex way to work with them, but you don't have to! Although I'm willing to bet that after working with crystals in these easy ways after a while you'll be curious enough to try some different like a crystal grid.

7. Sleep With Crystals

You can place your crystals in a little pouch and place it under your pillow. 

8. Set Your Intention With Your Crystals

You've got goals, whether they are concrete like make X amount of money this month or have a bit more compassion for that checkout wench at the grocery store who gives you the stink eye. 

Write down your intention on a piece of paper, fold it if you like and as you place your crystal on top of it say your intention (to yourself or out loud) as if it was already true. 

"I have made X amount of money in April" or "Wendy is so kind to me at the grocery store."

9. Protect Your Home With Crystals

A practice used by crystal healers and feng shui experts is to protect your home with crystals like black tourmaline. You can place them in the four corners of your property or at the front and back door to your home. 

Black Tourmaline protects your electromagnetic field. You can also use other black crystals like Black Obsidian, Jet, and Onyx.

10. Create a Grid Of Crystals

Crystal grids are the way you arrange crystals in a symmetrical way (using sacred geometry) for your own purpose or goals. They can be simple or complex. All you'll need is a crystal to put in the center and a few tumbled stones to arrange around it. 

Your intuition will be the best guide to how you want to work with crystals. You may decide to do some research on the types of crystals you're drawn to and the benefits of them. 

Today I have crystals all over my home. Most of them are in my office on my altar and also in front of my computer (black tourmaline) and some make it onto window sills, next to my nightstand, and in crystal grids that I've set up.