Why Should You Use A Pendulum?

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Why should you use a pendulum? Because it's a great way to find out what you should do or what you really desire. 

Now, you may be kinda scared to use a pendulum like I was thinking I would be something a little too witchy. But it really isn't. That is the cool thing about why you should use a pendulum.

I love to research everything to find out where the truth lies because as you know any information you find out there is shared by someone based on their opinion (and maybe research) on how they understand the subject. Somewhere in the middle, you'll find the truth.

Like you, I always start off my research as a skeptic. I need to see the proof for myself before I share anything. Of course, whatever I share with you means that you need to discover if this is true for you, too.

What is a pendulum?

It's a tool where a crystal (or another object with some weight called the Bob") is at the end of a chain that you hold between your index finger and thumb. 

Pendulums used in dowsing have been used for years to locate water, gold, and to assist doctors in making diagnoses. Sound crazy? 

Not really... check out this video on the Backster Effect where Cleve Backster attached a polygraph machine to a plant. The result? Everything has consciousness. 

Pendulums allow you to focus on the issue at hand when you've got a billion and one ideas swirling through your head.

The history of using pendulums

Pendulums have been used for years to locate water, gold, and to assist doctors in making diagnoses.

How to make a Pendulum

If you can't afford a pendulum you can make your own. A simple piece of string with one end of the string tied around a few small metal washers on one end can be your first pendulum. You can also wire wrap a crystal and attach it to a chain.

Easy Way To Use A Pendulum

  1. When I first started working with my pendulum, I sat at my desk so I could rest my elbow on the top of the desk. You might want to try it this way first until you get the hang of it.
  2. Hold the chain of your pendulum between your index finger and thumb in your dominant hand.
  3. Ask the pendulum (vocally or with your mind) to show you what a "Yes" answer swing is. For me, the pendulum swings back and forth in front of me. 
  4. Then, ask the pendulum to show you what a "No" answer swing is. The pendulum for me will swing to the left and right.
  5. If you'd like to also ask what your "maybe" answer is, you can go ahead and ask that, too.
  6. Now, start asking the pendulum for answers to questions that are about things that you know like "is the sky blue?" or "is my hair brown?" This will give you time to practice with getting answers.
  7. Once you're certain of how your pendulum gives you answers you can't start asking it the questions you really want the answers to.

How does a pendulum work?

Your thought makes the pendulum work. You're not swinging it around, but holding it so that it can show you by the way that it swings what you already know to be true in your subconscious. 

Is a pendulum always right?

It depends on you and the energy you bring when you're working with it. If you anxious or have too much excitement it may not give you an accurate response. To get the right answer take a deep breath, clear your mind (the best you can if you're mind is always racing like mine is) and relax.

How you ask the question is important

When you ask a question while using the pendulum it is super important to make sure you word your questions correctly.

You won't get an answer if you ask a question like "Should I have move to Texas or Idaho?" The pendulum won't be able to give you an answer because you're asking it to do something that it can't.

Instead, you would need to ask it two questions 1) Should I move to Texas? and then 2) Should I move to Idaho?

You can ask other questions like "Should I quit my job and go to college?"

Sometimes I use my pendulum to help me decide which crystal I should bring home next.

The pendulum isn't giving you the answers. It's your subconscious communicating with you.

You can watch a video of me using my pendulum to decipher my Yes, No and Maybe answers. It may be tricky to see in the video, but my 'Yes' is forwards and backwards. My 'No' is left to right and my 'Maybe' is in a circle. So keep your eyes on that.